Why we should use organic cosmetics or natural cosmetics

natural-cosmeticsThe benefits or organic food have been extolled for a long time now. Everyone knows that if you can afford it, you should go organic.

But does this principle apply to everything? Should you always go organic whenever you can? With some things, the answer is yes. Organic cosmetics is one such thing.

What Are Organic Cosmetics?

As the name implies organic cosmetics are cosmetic products that are made of plants and other completely naturally occurring ingredients. These ingredients are also grown completely naturally like organic vegetables. That is to say they are grown without any pesticides or herbicides, or any kind of GMO products.

When you choose organic cosmetic products you’re choosing products rich in nutrients and other goodies.

Everyone knows that the body absorbs nutrients from food which is why you should eat healthy, but how many people know the body also absorbs nutrients through the face? If you put junk on your face then junk is going into your body. This brings us on to the first, and main, benefit of going for natural cosmetics. Check the soil association website for more information.


It may sound silly to say this but health is an important reason to go for organic cosmetics. The amount of people getting sicker each year is steadily climbing, as is the number of chemicals we expose ourselves to on a regular basis. Those two things are connected. Synthetic, that is to say non-organic, makeup is filled with checmicals. These chemicals are absorbed into the body through the face and they do bad things to your body.

Overexposure to these chemicals is especially harmful. They can cause skin irritation, headaches, breathing problems, and possibly even skin cancer. You wouldn’t put nasty chemicals in your stomach so don’t put them on your face.


Organic cosmetics are also much higher quality than synthetic products. Both kinds of products live up to their promises. Cheap skincare products can indeed get rid of acne and wrinkles, but do you know what else they do? In the long run they actually cause them. That’s right.

Over the course of time the chemicals that go into synthetic makeup products cut off oxygen getting to the skin, make your skin more photosensitive, and reducing the moisture in your skin. All of these add up to blemishes, skin problems and, of course, wrinkles. Which is probably meant to be solved by cheaper skincare products that fix it in the short term, but make the problem worse in the long run.

Organic skincare products do the same job as cheaper ones. They do a better job of it in the long run too. It’s about keeping you and your skin healthy for years to come, not just one great date night.

Don’t put anything on your body that you wouldn’t also put into your body. It’s just safer that way.

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